Blueprint 2019

Happy New Year! As my New Year’s Eve was very quiet and very boring (sorry mom), I was thinking about how the year went. Let me just tell you that 2018 was lesson learned,after lesson learned for me, and although, in those harsh moments, I thought I wouldn’t make it out alive (literally and figuratively), I am happy to say that somehow, I am here. I am sore, with a few more scars, and maybe a lingering bruise here and there. But I am here. I am in 2019.

I never do New Year’s Resolutions because I am the kind of person that will last one week (or a few days) doing whatever nonsense I came up with. But this year, I think I am ready. Here’s a list of things I am currently working on for the new year.

  1. Start forgiving those who need to be forgiven. Holding on to hurt has hurt you more than its hurt them.
  2.  Continue worrying about yourself. Everything has been peaceful since you’ve limited people’s access to you, and stopped listening to gossip about others with others.
  3. Be kinder in your words to your S/O. You speak out of hurt, refer to #1 and if you can’t be better then you need to leave and stop being a negative hurtful person.
  4. For once sis, just do shit you like to do! Do it because you want to. Do it because you know what is best for you. Do it because it makes you happy.
  5. Speak up! Closed mouths don’t get fed.
  6. The world is out there! While you have your youth, and your health explore! Go to Tallahassee and St.Augustine. Go to NY, go to Trinidad. What are you waiting for!
  7. Finish school. Just because last semester was hard doesn’t mean it was a waste. You got through at least one class with a high grade and you haven’t seen that since freshman year! You got this.
  8. God got them. Payback is not necessary. Stooping to their level is not necessary. Just like God can handle them…he won’t hesitate to handle you (and you don’t want that)

I don’t want to think of this list as a “resolution” necessarily, but rather a list of things to work on. A reminder that in order to be a better person and to be in a better place, I need to work on these things for myself. It’s a list I can add to as the year progresses. It is something I will always have to work on. Not just something to do because everyone is doing it. We’ll see where I am at the halfway mark this summer. (Fingers crossed I am in a better place with myself and others)

What are your resolutions?

I hope 2019 brings you all success in your personal and work lives. I hope it brings confidence in yourselves and in your abilities. I hope you learn any lessons needed to move to the next best stage in your lives. I hope you will love and be loved in return. I hope you laugh, cry and everything in between. I pray you manifest whatever it is you are lacking in life, and that it brings you the utmost joy. I hope you have adventure, I hope you experience new things. I pray for your health, safety, and well being. Some points may be rough, but you all got this! I know it! Make this year count. Happy New Year! #2019.



Happy Holidays! Still no profound words of love or wisdom. But I got a lit flat iron, and a hamster! His name is Gunther (like adventure time). I guess check back in? When I have something to say? Maybe this was a bad idea…..


Thanks for joining me! I am 20 years old, a college student, an afro-latina, a pendeja, and a mess. I decided to start this as an outlet to express being “stuck in them 20 somethings” (thank you Sza), and hopefully I can reach other 20somethings out there who are just as big a mess as I am. So to whoever is reading, thanks for being here and allowing me to entertain you with my many side notes, and pendejerias. Reach out to me, or others, or don’t. Just know that this is a safe space to share, love and be loved.

“I was 20 years old and felt I had a lot to offer…even to myself.”

Tina Yothers


Current life (not so crisis) crisis.

I started this, but I’m not really sure where to actually start. I was feeling so inspired last night and had all these things to say. Now I am at work with all the time in the world to get this rolling, and ready to share my wisdom with you guys and now I don’t even know what to tell you. So maybe no wisdom, or new life story today….?